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Loss of Chapter Privileges

Your school must remain an Institutional Member of NDEO for all long as you host an honor society chapter. If your membership lapses, your chapter will temporarily close and will be removed the NHSDA Directory. Your chapter will be re-activated and added back to the directory upon receipt of the Institutional Membership dues.

In rare instances, an institution may lose it’s NHSDA Chapter privileges. These are determined on a case-by-case basis after careful deliberation by NDEO staff. Situations that may lead to a loss of Chapter privileges include:
  • Witholding information about the NHSDA program requirements from interested students and/or parents, including the requirements for induction, induction fees, etc.
  • Providing false information about the NHSDA program requirements to students and/or parents, including requirements for induction, induction fees, etc.
  • Not providing information about a students’ progress toward induction to a new school or studio when it is requested by the student and/or parents, in the event that the student needs or wants to transfer to a different program.
  • Requiring commitments for induction above and beyond those in the national guidelines, such as participation in a specific studio program, paying excessive fees, etc.
  • Withholding induction from students who have met the induction requirements.
  • “Inducting” students who did not meet all of the induction requirements, including the GPA requirement and active NDEO student membership.
  • “Inducting” students who have not applied for induction at, been approved by the Chapter Sponsor, and paid the induction fee.