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Program Costs

The Institutional Membership - K-12 Schools, Dance Studios, and Performing Arts Organizations for the school is $185/year and must be renewed every year in order for the chapter to remain active. 

There is a one-time induction fee is of $8 per student. The school/studio should make one payment ($8 per student x # of students inducted) at the time of induction either by mailing one check or paying online by credit card. A student must pay the induction fee at each level of induction (e.g. both for induction into the Junior Program in grade 6 and the Secondary Program in grade 9).

Sponsor-Printed Certificates: Decide before inducting students if you would like to print your own certificates or if you would like NDEO to print and mail the certificates. The default is set for Sponsors to print, but if the Chapter Sponsors would like to switch it to NDEO Print option, please be sure to check the correct box when inducting or change the setting on your profile. This new Sponsor Print option allows the Chapter Sponsor to immediately have access to their student's certificates after payment has been made. The link to the certificates will be in the Sponsor's NHSDA dashboard on the NHSDA website. The Sponsor Printed certificates contain copy as well as a multi color border and can be printed on a color printer on the Sponsor's choice of plain paper or cardstock.

There will be an higher cost if the Chapter Sponsor would like NDEO to print and ship the Induction certificates to them. Please see the below chart for the difference in pricing. Please have students spell their name correctly and in the format they would like it to appear on their certificate (including capitalization). If you selected NDEO Print/Mail for your certificates and a change needs to be made to the certificate, it will be an additional $8 to have it fixed and re-mailed to you.

The optional gold induction pin for all Inductees is $8.50 and the blue/white NHSDA cord for graduating students is $17.50.

Graduation with Honors comes with a sponsor printed certificate and a medallion; the cost for Graduation with Honors is $22.50.

Induction Pin

honor pin

honor cord
Graduation with Honors Medallion


The Chapter Sponsor should submit induction approvals and payments at least three weeks before the induction/graduation ceremony to not incur additional fees and to ensure adequate shipping time.

Type Sponsor Print - Certificate and Induction Fee NDEO Print/Mail - Certificate and Induction Fee Induction Pin NHSDA
 Induction $8 $12 $8.50 $17.50
Graduation with Honors $22.50 (includes medallion) N/A $8.50 $17.50

Mailing Address for Checks (make check payable to NDEO)

8609 Second Avenue, Suite 203-B
Silver Spring, MD 20910

How do I pay for Student Inductions and NHSDA Merchandise? 

Once you have selected students for induction at, a charge will be generated automatically to your NDEO institutional account. You can also order pins and cords in the same transaction. You will be redirected to for payment. If you are not redirected automatically to the NDEO site for payment, please click the orange "Make Payment" button to go to the NDEO website. You will be logged in automatically. Once on the NDEO website, look in the top right hand corner and click on the drop down menu where you will see a link called Payment Due. This link will take you to a screen for payment.

Please allow up to three weeks for processing on all NHSDA merchandise orders.

All transactions must go through the Chapter Sponsor. Students/Parents may not pay induction fees directly to, or order merchandise directly from, NDEO.